Your Safety

We will never willingly share your personal information with any third party. To protect that privacy, Movements is working with some of the most sophisticated experts in digital security to help ensure your privacy. Our server defenses conform to and exceed the digital security requirements of HIPPA (Health Information Portability and Privacy Act), the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS). Which means we are at least as secure as a bank site or an insurance site. We also employ significant additional safeguards that protect the server from penetration. These methods make Movements as secure as a digital platform can be. But no digital system can be 100% perfect.


Digital security is also up to you.

Movements enables private messaging (also referred to as Direct Messaging) between correspondents. We strongly encourage you to use this channel and not to provide any personal identifying information or email addresses unless and until you are confident that your counterpart is reliable and trustworthy. (See our rating system).

As a general rule -- not just on Movements but all the time -- be wary of links that are sent to you. If you aren’t sure about a link type in the root address ( first. Once you’re at that address type in the rest. This will help prevent your inadvertently clicking on a link that is actually taking you to a site that could compromise your security.

Security in a Box has information in many languages on tools and tactics for your digital security. The Comments features lets you make publicly visible comments. But only your Username is exposed, never your real name (if you gave it to us) nor your email address.

Also see the Resources page for more.

Our lawyers want you to read our entire Privacy Policy and Acceptable Use Policy