Getting results on Movements


Get a better response to your Request:

Three things you can do to get results on Movements


Movements is not magic. It relies on people wanting to read your post and then care about your issue. To help get their interest and help:


  1. Make the title as concise and descriptive as possible. For instance:
    We need media coverage for an essay about my vision as Syrian dissident


  1. Make the body of the post concise and personal.  For example:
    Raif Badawi, the Saudi Arabian blogger and the creator of the website Free Saudi Liberals is in jail in Saudi Arabia for hosting a conference for Saudi Liberals. That's a violation of human rights. PEN Canada is hosting an event in Toronto on Nov. 15th and his wife will be there.


  1. Be clear about what you need:
    She doesn't speak English and she needs six of the articles he wrote translated before the event.


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Get more interest in your Offer:

Complete your profile. Indicate the skills you have, the countries you’re interested, a little bit about you. Activists in closed societies have good reason to trust slowly. The more reason you give them to connect with you, the faster they will.

Go wide. Think of yourself not as a sole practitioner but as the representative of your network. You know lots of folks in your line of work, related fields, and even unrelated ones. If you see a Request that isn’t in your sweet spot but might be in someone else’s, encourage them to register and respond. Click the Recommend button to do this. Not only does it help that activist, it also increases your network capital.

Be flexible. Yes, you’re passionate about the people in Country X. But the people in Countries Y and Z could use your help too.

Get alerts. Set your profile so that the system sends you a message whenever someone asks for something that might be in your area of interest.