Unblock the Web with VPN Technology




Globally 8 out of 10 people face internet censorship. From broad surveillance to limits on content available, there has been a worldwide decline in internet freedom. Governments have expanded online surveillance measures in an attempt to suppress political dissent.

Citizens in closed societies are effective at spreading their messages and stories, given the right tools. Their powerful stories can be captivating and unifying. At times, their messages move people to advance human rights and raise awareness. To support their efforts, these oppressed citizens need access to digital security tools. Tools that protect their identities and encrypt their internet connection, such as secure virtual private networks (VPNs), hide their IP address and keep these citizens safe.

VPN (Virtual private network) technology helps circumvent those restrictions.  It enables a computer or Wi-Fi-enabled device to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if it were directly connected to the private network, while benefiting from the functionality, security and management policies of the private network.  (See more on Wikipedia)   It is as if you’re using the Internet not open public network but on a closed, private one. 

Thanks to a generous contribution from our partners at SaferVPN a limited number of registered users of Movemetns.org who are located in closed societies can download a free copy of their SaferVPN technology.    Their Unblock the Web progam is donating copies of the software based on the number of donations.  

Visit their Guides page for instructions on setting up and using SaferVPN


Please visit the SaferVPN account request form only available to Movements users here.