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Iranian dissident in danger wishes to share his story

Posted by EdT
For 6 years I tried to change situation in Iran , as a part of that country and nation. because if Iran change , the middle east will change and if middle east change , the world will change . since 2009 and Green movement appearance, I was active in protests, also in programming of protesting , give a correct line to people to undresstand the situation better and better , try to make films from our nation movement and they wish for change , try to undresstand democracy more and make a model for ourselves in Iran , show how regime of Iran deal with people , puting them in jail , torture them , rapung them, murder them, bury them in hidden places. How they make problems for middle east and spent a lot money to making terrorist groups and war in there , what is their idea about Jewish , Israel and Bahaie people , etc. For these activities that i've been had, I past 1 year in worst prisons in Iran , under of The Reveloutionary Guard controls . they tortured me , did so many bad things with me , threated me to rape and death , force me to watch people that they hanging in some hidden places . fired me from my jobs after prison , beat me (broke my right shoulder , my left hand and my head) , follow me for over a year , threat and beat my family,etc. But finally I made my film in a very specific way and then scaped , past over a month in deserts between Iran and Turkey borders and hide from one place to another place and finally bring myself to Turkey as a miracle . I wanna continue my activities in future , even now i'm doing it . continue my education in Art and Cinema in The US, making films about humanity , freedom , democracy, dreams and help Human Right organizations and politicians to undresstand and focus on Iran. Share my story with US congress , show things that happened after nuclear deal and happening now and no one know about it , show how even Americans life depend to things happening in Iran , directly and undirectly , cooperating with other activists , students and filmmakers , share my experiences with people, to tell them that every problem in middle east are coming from there , from Iran and regime of there . These are some interviews that I had with some famous newspapers and TV channels until now :
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